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Coccolily by Naana Tennachie Yankey


Designer Naana Tennachie Yankey was born in Ghana. Her formative years were spent in the United Kingdom where she attended boarding school and later ventured off to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

While living in the USA, Naana made a dramatic switch from business to fashion, to cultivate her creative spirit. Her longing to be part of the fashion world came to fruition when she recieved an apprenticed with Marc Jacobs in New York.

Naana later moved to Montreal to study Fashion Design at Academy of Arts and Design in Montreal, Quebec and then worked under Eve Gravel, before starting to sow the seeds of her own line, Coccolily.

Through her diverse travels and colourful heritage, Naana`s approach to fashion is sensual, edgy and bold. Coccolily is infused by European flare, since Naana loves to work with original haute-couture fabrics from mainly Italian mills.

Coccolily clothing brand is an integration of its signature whimsical style with bold designs that accentuate the inherent sensual- ity of every woman.